Friday, July 13, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

I am so addicted (yet again) to So You Think You Can Dance. Funniest part is...I CAN'T dance! But, the creativity and energy of these vivacious youths is zexy and exciting for me week after week.

I'm really not at all surprised that Cedric got booted off last night. He should have been booted earlier than Jesus anyway, but I am so worried that my dear, sweet Hok will be next.

Hok has been inspriational for me from the beginning...well, actually before the beginning since he was actually in the audition phase of last season, too. Hok is a true artist. Not only is he a master of his own style of "B Boy" dancing, he plays the violin, and he paints. His sensitive nature, beautiful face, and lovely accent make we twitch each night. I want to reach into my TV and pull him out and put him in my pocket (or in my underwear).

Then, there's Danny. You know, Jesus Christ's brother. Sweat glistening on his sexy chest. This boy oozes arrgoant beauty...and rightfully so! His dancing is, in my non-dancing opinion, wonderful. His extensions, jumps, and lines are gorgeous because of his technique and his build.

I really want to fuck him.'s true.

With luck, he'll come down to Orlando and try to be a dancer in a theme park. Then, I can try to pick him up at the gay bar. Dreams can come true...or, one can hope.

As for the girls, Sarah needs to go. Jamie should be close behind.

Oh, and Cat Deeley...please start saying, "judges" on your's a highlight for me. Thanks.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Old Hags and Hangbags...for the FAGS!

As I wished for in my previous entry...those Cosmo-swillin' ladies from Sex and the City are reuiniting for a film version...finally!

Here's what Kim Cattrall had to say:

“I’m really am so flattered because I feel that people actually do miss the show and the characters. I thought that the series really ended so well and to reopen it it would have to be a great script. As with any project that you do it really starts and ends with the script, you’ve got to ask the questions: Who are the characters? Where will they go? W hat will their journey be? Will people be interested?”

All I have to say is:

"Spice Girls...Sex and the City girls...bring on the damn GOLDEN GIRLS!"