Friday, June 29, 2007

Random Thoughts of Human Goodness

I am totally addicted to So You Think You Can Dance. Last year it was Ryan that got my heart racing with his zexy grin. This year, I'm crazy for almost all of them: HOK!, Neil, Danny!, and Jesus (who got kicked off last night and reminded me WAY too much of my ex-boyfriend). I love this show better than American Idol. The creativity combined with the sexy bodies. Mia Michaels is brilliant and an amazing person!!

Got in a fight with the best friend. It's a shame. I still love her and always will, but girl needs to get her act together. She's a shell of her former self. I don't know when/how it happened, but she's fading away. Grow up already! Be accountable. Be responsible. Be respectful.

We are building a house in Windermere, Florida. It's just gone vertical! Exciting!

I'd love to get an iPhone. But, if I get one, then Beny will need/want one. That's $1,200 I shouldn't be spending right now when I've got an expensive mortgage looming.

My South Florida friend, Jeff, is back in my life and I couldn't be happier. Conversation is a little awkward since we took our two-year "break" from each other. Distance doesn't help things, either. But, regardless, I'm glad to have him back. I'm looking forward to growing closer over the years.

My new boss is "odd" to say the least. I can't figure out how to connect with him. I have no idea what he thinks of me or the job I am doing for him. I guess I'll find out at "review time" this fall.

I think I have gotten to the point where I don't care if I ever see a movie in the movie theater again. It's just so nice to stay home and watch them on the HDTV without rude people and cell phones texting and ringing.

Tonight on BET: Replay of the BET Awards. Watch it for the opening number...Jennifer Hudson singing WITH amazing Jennifer Holliday. One of the best performances of the past year for sure.

Ever meet people that you REALLY like and want to be better friends with, but it just never materializes? So frustrating, yet I bet it happens to ALL of us.

I've been a "bad" drunk lately. Not good. Don't know why I'm not a "good" drunk anymore. Is there any scientific reason?

As much as I love the Audi, I'm starting to hate it. CD player broke. Now the driver's window is having up-down issues. I desperately need to take it into for service (it's still under warranty), but the Audi dealer is on the other side of the earth from where I live. It involves a whole day off of work, but I only have 4 hours of vacation. Bummer. Make do with it for now.

I need some anonymous sex with a young desirable. I forgot how good that was.

Shamu Rocks at Sea World is pretty fun. however, the REAL fun show is the Sea Lions Tonight with Clyde & Seymore. Those sea lions make fun of everything in Sea World Orlando, and it's a hoot! It's even better if you hit the Hospitality House a few times prior to the show!

Universal Orlando has announced the "theme" of this year's Halloween Horror Nights. It seems that Freddy, Jason, and Letherface are teaming up to beat the crap out of us. Can NOT wait for this. HHN is by far one the major highlights of the year for me.

Jeff (see above) has invited us down to stay with him for a fun weekend. I'm looking forward to it. He's going to take me to Mai Kai ( which I have wanted to do for about two years now. Something hypnotic for me about waterfalls, tikis, bamboo, and strong Polynesian drinks. What a great combo! I hope there's a musty "old" smell to the place.

My parents are very good to me.

Spice Girls are back together...yay! Now if we can only work on reuniting the Golden Girls and the Sex and the City girls...

It's not work that makes work challenging, it's the people.

Mexican food. It's been a long time and I love you so.

Sentances are getting smaller.



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