Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Okay...so said Latino Homophobe that lives next door came over and got his drink on Friday night.

I was the DVD DJ and was Attention Deficit Disorder-ing the whole process. Latino was in his swimming trunks and kept tugging on what looked like a growing buldge in his pants. So, I selected the appropriate DVD -- Showgirls.

Around midnight, Beny decided to go to bed. Latino and I were watching the NC-17 camp classic and I could tell that Latino neighbor was really getting horny.

I suggested that we watch some straight porn...of course, there's none in my house. Latino suggested we go to his.

He took off to go back to his place and I was about twenty steps behind him.

Got into his house and he puts on some crappy straight "action". I told him that it was making me horny and asked if I could whack-off. He said it was fine. Then, I asked if he wanted his dick sucked. He said it was fine!

He dropped trou and I went to town on his completely shaven, uncut chorizo.

He finished in my mouth and I left. (I spit when I got home.)

I told Beny when I got back at my place. He wasn't mad that I did it, but he was mad that I woke him up at 2am to tell him about it...

...oh, and that I got a piece of the neighbor first.

Last night Beny talked to the neighbor and the neighbor told him that he's going to move back to Puerto Rico in 3 weeks.

Man, my BJ skills must really be "off".

Or, Mr. "Straight" Latino who declares that he LOVES "From Justin to Kelly" AND "Moulin Rouge" might find it challenging having gay sex so easily available to him.

Demons. Issues. Dude, they can be a real bitch!


Anonymous Briguy said...

Finishing in your mouth? Wow. I don't even remember what that is like?....(pause)...what IS it like? And I'm sorry...but I just can't do uncut. It reminds me of these crappy cinnamon rolls I made during Home Economics in the 7th grade.

Oh and it's not like we don't want to read your blog, it's just that well...blogging was 2005, and I got sick of it real quick, but now you made me miss it.

My, my, my...the drama unfolding in Hunters Creek. In fact, it's the name of a new television show...

Hunters Creek.


Like that.


You whore.

Word to your mother.

11:33 AM


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