Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The latest...

I know. I know. It's been awhile since I've really typed up anything of significance on my blog. I guess I get forty lashes with a wet noodle...hopefully Daniel Radcliffe's noodle!

It's not like anyone is still reading my blog, anyway. I've been at this thing for like two years and only have a handful of faithful readers that have probably given up on me and the blog. So, I really wonder if I should keep going at all...? I will. But, I'll keep on this just for me. For the therapy of it all.

Recently, I took a 3-day cruise on the Disney Cruise Line. It was truly a fantastic time. I would have enjoyed a little bit more "alone time", as Beny and I were together every minute (even did a couples massage). But, it was still good for us and our relationship to simply get away together. I found myself missing my dog, Chopstick, very very much. I guess he really is my little child. I always thought that people were freaks when they said that their dog is like their kid, but now I think I truly "get it".

During the cruise, we had a great little gay bee as our Assistant Server. His name was Brent. Next time he's in Orlando, he's supposed to give us a phone call and hang out with us. It should be a good time, especially since he was a great audience for my crass humor. I love people that laugh at my crazy mouth...who doesn't, really?

We went to Atlantis and coincidentally ran across this dude that we met at a party two weeks prior. His name is Fabian and he's quite a "looker". Maybe it's because I was drunk at said party, but Beny indicated that he thought that Fabian was attracted to me. Wouldn't that make me feel good? But, of course. Anyway, we talked to Fabian and his travelling companion for a whopping two minutes. "Hey, what are you doing here?" kind of crap. I was still surprised to see him.

Sidebar: Here's a little theory. He met me two weeks prior. Beny said that he liked me. I DO remember telling him that we were going on the Disney Cruise Line. So, did he and his friend book at stay at Atlantis in Nassau KNOWING / HOPING that he would run across us? I don't know. People are capable of anything and the Nassau port has a limited number of places that the people on the cruise ships visit. Honestly, I think if he knew this...he'd know that his chances of running into us on Nassau would be pretty good. Then again, maybe it was all a coincidence.

Okay, so after Nassau we were delivered like cargo to Disney's private island, Castaway Cay (pronounced "key"). this place truly was a slice of paradise! We rode Disney theme park-styled trams over to the "Adults Only" beach, Serenity Bay and secured a hammock on the gorgeous penninsula. nice as THAT was, it sure was boring. We did have a beach waitress give us an amazing "Chonch Cooler" with a floater of Bacardi 151 -- at 10:00am!!!

After vegitating on Serenity Bay, we rented bikes and rode around the island. This was great fun and much needed exercise after pounding down six meals a day on the ship!

Anyway, the cruise was great and I'd love to go again real soon.

What else is going on? Hmmm...staying for free at Disney's Saratoga Springs Friday night. That should be a fun little mini-party.

Ellen's coming to Orlando at the end of March and I'm trying to snag some tickets to see her. next door neighbor rant:

We have a new hot nugget of sexiness that moved in solo next door to me. His name is Luis. Luis is a 21-year-old hot ass Latino that currently works at a tire place as a tire tech.

Hot! Grease monkey! Yummers.

Well, this past weekend, he came over to our house while we were having a hell of a party. I talked to him a bunch to feel out is "gayness". I invited him to go out to the gay bars with us some time and he flipped, "No no no no.......I don't want no guy touching me!" I went on and on about how it's identical to me going to a straight club and having to face the fears that I face: Ugly Betty chicks hitting on me and I'm gay, Straight Guys pounding my scull because I'm gay, etc. No matter how many valid points I made, this little grease monkey remaind closed-minded. Too bad for him. He'll never know what real fun and insanity he can have at the gay bar.

His loss.

Regardless of the fact that he doesn't want to hang out with fags at a gay bar, the real irony is that he came over chilled out with me and Beny for three hours the following night.

Trade, I suspect.

My little project, I suspect.

I guess that's enough for now. Until next time...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gay Pimpin'

Jonny McGovern and his cast of characters blast their hilarious faggoty fun out of the East Village (and Williamsburg?)

He's been going for years, but is on the cusp of superstardom as his new skit show will be popping up on LOGO soon. His gaypimp podcast is catching on fast and fabulous. Last year's This is NYC Bitch, The East Village Mixtape blew open the door with La Mady, Linda James and the gang...only to be followed up soon by Gays Gone Wild blasting my Audi's speakers in 2007.

Kiss the bedazzeled ass of a genius and a lover of the Golden Girls -- Jonny McGovern! He's about to rule this big gay world.

He's already ruling mine!