Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The latest

Beny had his birthday and I had no idea what to get for him. All he said that he wanted was this $1700 Cartier ring.

Well, THAT certainly wasn't going to happen.

So, I offered up weekend getaways: Naples Ritz Carlton, NYC, Vegas, Key West...none of which seemed to interest him. Return to the ring.

THAT certainly wasn't going to happen.

Discovery Cove at Sea World?


Then, I began a frantic search for other nice (and less expensive) rings. There were many to choose from , but nothing really as simple, modern and pretty as the Cartier "Double C" ring that he was eyeing.

Certainly, it wasn't going to happen?

Three days before the birthday. WHAT AM I GOING TO GET HIM???

Two days.

One day.

It happened. Damn it. I caved in a bought the mother f-er and it was non-refundable.

Beny had a nice birthday. The next day, he went to Cartier to exchange ring sizes. Mr. Happy Birthday decided to plop down an additional $1200 to get the same ring with diamonds on it.

I guess we will be confined to Orlando for quite some time.


Anonymous The Peach said...

I'd be pissed. However..could you have honestly traveled to one of those vacation destinations for less than $1700? But yeah...fuck that, because I would be pissed.

9:50 PM


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