Friday, October 27, 2006


Had an amazingly authentic Mexican dinner the other night at a place in downtown Kissimmee called, Azteca's. This place was a home-cooked fresh meal and was wonderful! The tortila soup was a meal on it's own and really stood out as a favorite.

Donna went again last night and said that there was a hot, young olive-skinned and pretty-faced waiter.

I will be back for sure!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Prideful Weekend

While I was afraid I was going to OD on Orlando PRIDE festivities this weekend, I ended up having a nice time.

Got the "drink on" around 1pm and Beny drove us (Donna included) down to the big Orlando PRIDE Parade 2006. The streets were packed!! As we were mapping out our prime viewing location, we landed in front of Sam Snead's. Mainly because it was a bar along the parade route. I chugged down a Long Island and heard sirens. It was the honkers, but luckily they weren't coming after me...they were riding their hogs down the street to announce the arrival of the parade.

It was a fun time! Everyone was smiling and unified. I was especially impressed by the large turnout and support from the community. Orlando has come a long way...and still has a long way to go. Good news is, no violent incidents occured.

  • Seeing Moria from the Phillips Phile.
  • Watching a blitzed Billy Manes (my hero) rolling around in his convertable...I'll have what he's having thank you vera much.
  • The unadvertised/unscheduled parade of pets as everyone returned back to wherever they came from.

After the parade, we went up to the balcony at WaiTiki and had a prime view of everyone down below in the Heritage Square as the went from Condom Booth to Beer Booth to AIDS Booth that are the typical vendors for events such as these. The Big Kahuna Platter wasn't as big as I remembered...we scarfed it down rather quickly along with a couple more Long Islands.

Then, the night started to blur.

Parliament House ensued. STRONG Islands.

Had Wendy's when I got home and don't remember eating it.

Can't wait for next year! I'll just have to remember to ask for the day after off from work.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The latest

Beny had his birthday and I had no idea what to get for him. All he said that he wanted was this $1700 Cartier ring.

Well, THAT certainly wasn't going to happen.

So, I offered up weekend getaways: Naples Ritz Carlton, NYC, Vegas, Key West...none of which seemed to interest him. Return to the ring.

THAT certainly wasn't going to happen.

Discovery Cove at Sea World?


Then, I began a frantic search for other nice (and less expensive) rings. There were many to choose from , but nothing really as simple, modern and pretty as the Cartier "Double C" ring that he was eyeing.

Certainly, it wasn't going to happen?

Three days before the birthday. WHAT AM I GOING TO GET HIM???

Two days.

One day.

It happened. Damn it. I caved in a bought the mother f-er and it was non-refundable.

Beny had a nice birthday. The next day, he went to Cartier to exchange ring sizes. Mr. Happy Birthday decided to plop down an additional $1200 to get the same ring with diamonds on it.

I guess we will be confined to Orlando for quite some time.