Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Laborious Weekend

Three days is never enough.

Luckily, the people in the office are in a pretty good mood. I think we could learn a lot from those European countries that require a 30 hour work week.

Friday was Savoy and Lava Lounge. A combined total of seven Long Island Iced Teas. Woot! Saw many people this weekend that I haven't seen in quite some time. (Shout out to Lindberg and his charming boyfriend, Dan! This is a great couple, people!)

A chaotic night indeed that ended up at the Krystal Drive-Thru. I was still tasting them most of the day Saturday. Yucky.

Saturday was recouperation day.

Sunday, Beny and I went to Cypress Gardens (I had a free admission/free parking promo). I don't know who this park is attempting to cater to, but I don't think I am the demographic. In fact, I couldn't even fit on one of their coasters. Not because I'm fat, but because my upper-torso was too long. The thunderstorms rolled in before I even got to see how "interesting" the Ice Skating Show was supposed to be. We stayed for only three hours.

Sunday night (after a nice nap during the thunderstorms), we ventured into a jam-packed Parliament House. Very wild night, indeed. Can someone please tell the ex to leave me alone?

Monday...more rest. Beny went to the Ritz-Carlton for a massage. I stayed home and ordered up the Sicilian Lasagna Pizza from Pizza Hut. DELICIOUS!

Now, I'm back at work...along with everyone else.

Originally, I wanted to spend the Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans to celebrate Southern Decadence. I think that would have been a great time, but I'm glad we just took it easy here in O-town. I feel completely recharged.


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