Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cravings...(or Damn you McDonald's!)

Anybody that knows that in the past four years I have gained a whopping 50 pounds knows that I love to eat (and drink, and anything else...).

However, in my quest to lose some of that weight, I've been eating smaller portions and healthier options.

The biggest challenge now is that I get real cravings for certain foods that I haven't had in awhile and when I finally get them I am SO tempted to overindulge.

This weekend...Tex Mex.

I've also begun to crave this little innocent offering from McDonald's called the "Snack Wrap". Have you tried one of these things? Holy shit! At $1.29 it is inexpensive, but packed with yumminess. Do yourself a favor...swing thu the drive thru today.

Tonight...two of 'em.

Only 45 pounds to go!


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