Monday, June 12, 2006

Jumbled thoughts...

  • Couldn't you almost hear Oprah screaming "Racism!" in the audience at the Tony Awards last night? The Color Purple didn't score much of anything...with the exception of the stellar LaChanze, who continues to ease me into work many mornings in my car.
  • I'm on day three of some strange laryngitis. Don't know why I have it, but I'm calling it a blessing as I just emailed all of my co-workers and advised them that I plan to keep my talking at a minimum.
  • Went to Sea World on Saturday with the express purpose of seeing 'Believe' and to ride the new 'Shamu Express'. As the ominous rain clouds approached, I had to skip out of the park missing both. Oh well, at least I was able to get a ride on the Sky Tower (I always love the Sky Tower).
  • Saw 'A Prairie Home Companion' yesterday. This is a GREAT film. Go see it! Some good laughs in there, too!
  • No, really...GO SEE IT!!
  • The performances of 'the Pajama Game', 'the Wedding Singer', and 'the Drowsy Chapperone' were so full of energy and fun that I was laughing my ass off. THIS is why I wish I lived in NYC! The touring productions of shows are decent as they blow through OrBLANDo, but nothing can compare to the talent on Broadway -- hell, even Julia Roberts knows it.
  • Had some Dim Sum for lunch yesterday at Ming Court. I've been there numerous times, an operation this restaurant is.
  • I hate watching my boyfriend eat Chicken Feet. I just can't attempt to eat that.
  • Tropical Depression/Storm Alberto is going to be blowing through Florida today. It's NOTHING major, yet the stupid fuckheads at 'Local 6' felt that they need to split-screen my giant TV last night to show the "important" coordinates. Whatever.
  • Jeez...wait until you hear "the penguin joke". It's hilarious and nobody knows why.
  • Amazingly, I'm not "craving" any particular food item today. Odd.
  • I can't believe he's still the President. CLinton was almost kicked out for getting a 'hummer'. Simply unreal.
  • I just realized that I'm working with an office full of mostly women today...good thing or a bad thing...I'll never tell...
  • I want to have an 18-year-old "houseboy". How the hell do you get one of those? Beny has agreed to it. We just can't find one (or a good one, at least).
  • Lewis Black's new HBO special was "ok"...but, he was spot-on with his comments about how society treats "the gays".
  • Take a moment to "look what God has done..."
  • Peace.


Anonymous The Peach said...

Take a moment to look what God has done?

I feel like that comment is directed at something, but I don't know what exactly.

I missed the Tony's last night? How did that happen? I'm sure I can find a re-cap at Greenlit Lindy.

Did the President get a Hummer?

What's going on in the world? There's a hurricane too? Boy, I'm clearly not paying I?

This is a lovely blog entry.

The Peach

12:56 PM

Blogger TripAway2Day said...


So many questions...

1) Lyrics from the Color Purple, but can easily be applied to anything. I meant it as a bit of sincerity AND a bit of sarcasm as to how our world is so F-ed up.

2) This year's Tony's was not a blockbuster, but it had a couple of "moments". Certainly no "Side Show" sisters kicking vocal ass.

3) Not the vehicle. The ACTION...ahem.

4) You're busy with your own worries. It's cool.

1:17 PM

Blogger GreenLitLindy said...

Besides all that...let's focus on GreenLitLindy's favorite melody line of the show...which, uh is very underused.

String plucks of:

"Where my shoes?
Where my hat?
Where'd you put my braces at?"

Oh and:

"Whatchyu fussn' for Mista.
Alls you care bout is yourself."


"Must be sumpn to fuss about!"


6:50 AM


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