Monday, May 08, 2006

I've got a Boo-Boo...

In 2004, Central Florida was plagued by numerous hurricanes that threatened to change the entire landscape of the area. Once they slammed us, I never thought we would return to "normalcy".

We have.

Unfortunately, New Orleans hasn't been as lucky.

I'm still bewildered that our country has turned it's back on New Orleans. Sure there were benefits and fundraisers to help the city get back on it's feet. There have been large chunks of change coming from the Feds to help get everything back in order. Alas, the city is still crying for help and everyone is ignoring it like a child with Tourette's.

Meanwhile, back in Orlando we have remolded our plastic-fake society and we do not have to worry about dealing with the sadness the people in New Orleans (and MOST of the entire Gulf Coast of the USA) are experiencing.

Many of the unique treasures of the city are gone and will only remain in the memories of people who loved those hideaways.

I can relate locally in Orlando to that feeling, due to one place -- the Big Bamboo Lounge.

I miss my dear friend, the Boo, now more than ever. It was the dirty charm and whimsy that helped everyone leave pretention and simply have real honest-to-God dialogue. I became closer to many of my friends (and even my own Brother) thanks to the wonder that was the Boo.

Rumors had swirled after the hurricanes in Florida that the Boo MIGHT reopen. I was hoping and hoping. That day never came. (I even heard someone today say that they thought the place had reopened.)

Then, early this year, some transients (or maybe even heroin addicts -- or both) decided to take up residence in my "happy place". The Boo caught on fire and was ruined.

I've been hearing rumors that the place has reopened. I just can't imagine this to be true. Why, a simple look on will show you that a revival of the Boo seems impossible. My life, and that of the Boos regulars, will never be the same.

I'm sure it's not a balanced comparison to the shitty hand dealt to New Orleans, but it is an upsetting fact for me to deal with. I have Boo withdrawels every couple of weeks. I'd love to slide in next to the dusty old sofa -- you know the one right next to the pink bra hanging from the ceiling -- with my "Big Bamboo" drink in hand. The night would evaporate into laughter, charm, and warmth.

I'll never forget it.

If I ever became a multi-millionaire I would attempt to recreate every detail of the place to the best that money would buy. Just so others would learn to feel the magic of the Big Bamboo.

I can't imagine it would ever be the same.

Tonight, I'll be doing ANOTHER drive-by of the vacant shell of the Boo, with a hope and a memory full of fondness.


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