Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Got your RED shirt ready?

It's coming. Tons of guys will be, too.

The "First Saturday in June" is an unoffical holiday for me every year. This is the weekend when literally hundreds of thousands of fags, dykes, bears, leather daddies, cubs, prissy bitches, and circuit boyz descend on Orlando and the faux-reality of the theme parks the area provides for Gay Days.

Combine the fun of a visit to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom with a sea of RED shirts (the "required" attire) and the place takes on a whole new life that is only able to be seen this one day every year.

It certainly IS a fun time. The daily 3pm parade is usually performed with a fever-pitch, as the crowds of adoring GLBT fans work the parade performers into a frenzy. Of course, there is also the oddity and photo-op as hunreds of bears congregate in front of the "Country Bear Jamboree".

It's a gay old time, indeed.

I usually wrap-up my day in the park by heading over to the ironically named "Outer Rim" bar at Disney's Contermporay Resort to start getting my drink on. Hold the rim-job, please.

But, the weekend begins long before the fun and fantasy of the Magic Kingdom.

Tons of all-night parties and nightclub events turn Orlando into a non-stop party, with something for everyone (well, except for the closed-minded "God Hates Fags" Christian Conservatives that will be protesting everywhere that they can).

My week starts out with the Thursday night ritual of heading to the home of the revolving dancefloor: Mannequins at Pleasure Island. A place notoriously known as ManneQUEENS on this night of nights. Normally, this place is so packed that there is a two hour wait just to get into the club. No worries. The garage door has been opened and all of the excess inside spills right out into the queue line. Of course, it's hard for those nose-candy queens to find a stall to snort their "pixie dust"...hopefully, the have opted for a pill, instead.

Yes, this is a weekend of pounding music, bodies, and frantic heartbeats...as most participanted are heavily self-medicated.

Hopefully, this year I will make into ManneQUEENS before becoming a stumbling drunk outside. We'll see.

The following day is a "day of rest" for me, and I will most likely sleep in before heading off for this year's fun-zone number two. I've got a FREE hotel stay in the tower at Disney's Contemporary Hotel. It'll be a nice room with a balcony and plenty of vodka and a few visitors, I am sure.

As I wake up in the hotel on Saturday morning, I'll need to race home for a quick shower and to fix my "to go" bottle for the Magic Kingdom.

(The Magic Kingdom serves no alcohol, kiddies.)

After the day of magic is over, it's time for a night of pleasure. This evening I am planning on hitting Parliament House to hear Taylor Dayne sing one of my favorite old gay songs, "Naked Without You".

Sunday, more sleep.

While most of the thousands of visitors will be up all night at mammoth all-night circuit parties, this 35-year-old will be tuckered out. I know what goes on in Vegas, and they can all stay there. I've see it all and done it all.

I'm guessing Monday I will head over to Sea World to catch their newest Shamu show entitled, "Believe". I so like to think that it's an homage to Cher, but I have a feeling I'll be looking at an Orca whilst so sappy music and story a "kid who loves whales" has me grabbing for my tissue.

However, if it were an homage to Cher, that might be an experience that really opens the flood gates.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to partying it up for Gay Days again this year. I only hope that I actually will be able to remember most of it this time.


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