Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've got the itch!

I know that I just got back a couple of weeks ago from that lackluster trip to South Beach. But, I've really got the itch to get back to New York City again.

Beny will be travelling to Singapore to see his family in early July, and naturally the first leg of his flight takes him to New York City before departing for Singapore. This seems to be the perfect opportunity for me to join him for this first leg and spend a few days in New York with him. After that, he can head on to Singapore and I can head back home to Orlando (yes--crap brown for O-town).

Sounds good, in theory. Logistically, booking all of those multiple flights gets a little complicated. To complicate matters even more, we are looking to take the spoiled dog, Chopstick, with us. This severely limits the hotels we would be able to stay in while in NYC. I was really hoping to head back to the comfy andperfect Four Points by Sheraton in Chelsea. Unfortunately, this hotel does not allow pets. This hotel was a perfect base of operations for us last time, as it was rather close to the great shopping in SoHo and the new trendy shops in Chelsea. But, even better was it's proximity to the gay bars we fell in love with (Barracuda, the Rambles at the Park, etc.)!

Now, I've had to resort to looking for a different hotel. There are some with real potential, like the new "Night" hotel by the same folks that brought you "the Time" and "Dream" hotels. Very trendy. Very cool. But, the location moves us too close to the congestion of Times Square.

Another option is "the Regency". It's a Loews hotel and they are pet-friendly. But, it's way up on the Upper East Side. I'm afraid that area will roll up the sidewalks by 9pm!

Regardless, I'm not even sure I'm actually going to go through with this NYC this year. But, it sure is fun to "Dream" of "the Time" when I'll be laying my head on my pillow at "Night" after consuming the energy in NYC.

But, staying ten blocks away from the best burger in the world at Porter's in Chelsea...well, that's just torture!


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Why don't you write for a travel magazine?

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