Monday, December 12, 2005

Why am I hanging onto these thoughts?

Today is the day, I'm going to dump some shit 'out there', just to clear my head. Some of it might make complete sense. Some of it is just for me.

Okay? Here we go!
  • The RENT-adulation has finally worn off, well that is until February when the DVD gets released!
  • Funny how you can talk to someone and they act like they are more than willing to hang out with you, but when you finally see them in a local bar they do not approach. Keeping their distance makes me doubt the sincerity.
  • Seeing another older (and and respected) ex-coworker out the other night really provided me with a wide mix of emotions. I've never felt closer to him. For him to build me up as "great at my job" did so much for my delicate ego. He's a gem.
  • Dear friends are not always so dear. Sometimes they promise to devote time with you, and then they neglect you. Leaving you to visit a very crowded Magic Kingdom all by yourself. Seeing all of the happy families together during the holiday season made me feel very lonely.
  • Sleeping all day on Sunday with my dog made me feel un-lonely. He makes a good pillow.
  • I hate cold weather.
  • I still haven't watched any of the Lord of the Rings films, but I did catch about 15 minutes of one of them yesterday. I thought it was unnecessarily violent.
  • MADtv has been crowned my 'King of Comedy'. What the hell has happened to Saturday Night Live?

It continuously blows.

  • Why haven't I had a Whataburger, yet?
  • I'm nervous about my 30 minute meeting with the Director/VP of the my potential new employer tomorrow. I'll have my fingers crossed.
  • Is it wrong that I don't always answer my phone?
  • I found an amazing remix of 'One Song Glory' by some guy named Ryan Link. The Buffalo Bill remix is wonderful!
  • I had much more fun than I anticpated last Friday night at my 1st Annual Secretary Christmas Party. I work with some great people. Too bad I dislike where I currently work. Too bad that I hope to be in a new role next 2nd Annual party for me.
  • The cold weather has made my hand injury/repair hurt like hell.
  • Still need to buy Dad a gift. What do you get a Dad for Christmas?
  • The Pam Anderson Friar's Club Roast was full of VERY harsh slams. Poor ancient and amazing Bea Arthur took a beating.

Why, that's all for today. Thanks. I feel moderately better.


Anonymous The Peach said...

Shit. At least you were able to get that shit out of your head! You should see mine!
Anyway, I agree...what DO you get a father for Christmas? I have always felt odd when it comes to purchasing a gift for my ...step-dad. In fact, isn't it insulting that after 24 years, I still refer to him in writing as my "step-dad" or "Rick?" All he thinks about is sports or golf, and I've never been into either. That's not exactly a selfish thought, it's just that I don't know anything about those subjects, not to mention, isn't it convenient to pick up a gift that has a sports theme? Now that's selfish!

Yes, you are rude for not picking up your phone when it rings! You aren't paying for long distance if someone calls YOUR ass...bitch. So answer it next time!

Lord of the Rings IS violent. I despised those films just because I could barely understand what they were saying! The names of the characters are just entirely too complicated!

Friends suck. Period. You can't rely on them in your 30's. And long distance friends suck even more! The ole, "Out of Sight...Out of Mind" scenario is all too real and it actually feels kind of brutal. I have called Kelly Livingston countless times, someone I have always felt so good around, and she has ruined my spirits and faith in friends by not even responding with a simple email!

Who was the former co-worker?

OK, I have to finish my mother's Winter newsletter.


3:33 PM


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