Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why this and why that...

Why, if you go to Mtv.com via this link:(http://www.mtv.com/bands/az/madonna/1002963/album.jhtml)
you can listen to Madonna's newest album, "Confessions on a Dance Floor". You can find out why this album...


Why do I not feel bad about 'accidentally' blowing off a meeting I had with one of my managers to go to lunch?

Why do my boyfriends always have 'trust issues' with me, when I feel that I am quite trustworthy?

Why does my partner feel the need to get a car that is WAY out of our current price sitch-i-ation?

Why did my new misfiring friend disappear?

Why does Madonna's new album kick ass so much? It just does!

Why is Chopstick two months overdue for his Bordatella shot?

Why did my mind almost explode when I watched a show on PBS about something called 'String Theory'? If you know what is is, I'm sure you can relate.

Why do I have to wait 15 more days to see the RENT movie? Arrrgggh!

Why haven't I heard any new dance club remixes of "Seasons of Love" from RENT?

Why has my back been hurting so much lately?

Why do I have to wait so long to find out if they are going to give me the new job that I want so badly?

Why did Yankee Candle Company reject my offer to meet with them to discuss my new proposal for a new product line?

Why won't I tell YOU what my brilliant idea is/was?

Why does everybody knock Jaws 3-D? I always kind of liked it.

Why won't those lotto balls bounce into the pattern that I select every Wednesday and Saturday? Why, I could use a few million dollars.

Why did Terri Hatcher cry on last Sunday's Desperate Housewives? Screw the plot line, girl was going for an Emmy.

Why did I have a strange unmemorable dream that featured Jeff Lindberg in a starring role? Especially, since I haven't spent any time with him in YEARS? Most likely, it was due to his blog entry detailing his Q-tipping Earwax Flushing. Something I've never had done, but considering how often I Q-tip the ears, I'm sure I will have to get done.

Why do I fear Avain Flu? Why the hell do the news idiots call it the Avian Bird Flu, when Avain and Bird are the same thing?


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