Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why tapas?

It all started when Beny and I met that manipulative, sad, and lonely Franky Franky. You know, the homewrecker that likes to destroy people's relationships because he wants them to be as miserable as he is. (Sidebar: He's at it again with another friend of ours...)

Anyway, it all started when we met him. He took us to two fabulous tapas restaurants in Tampa. One called Sangrias and the other Ceviche.

Both had excellent food, beautiful servers, fun and interesting atmospheres, and tipsy-inducing Sangria.

Ever since then, I have been on the quest in Orlando to find such a great tapas-style dining experience.

Nothing has come close.

Last night, I had the pleasure of taking Beny and William out to the little Disney-designed town of Celebration. We went specifically on my quest to try another tapas restaurant. This one was the Columbia Restaurant.

A little history here. The original Columbia opened in Tampa's Ybor City in 1905 by a family man from Cuba. The operation has remained a family operation ever since. The Columbia has also spawned numerous duplicates in Sarasota, St. Peterburg, Clearwater, St. Augustine, and Celebration.

Based on my previous Tampa tapas experiences, and considering the Columbia had it's first locale in Tampa, I had high hopes.

Would this be the end-all on the search for tempting tapas?


What we encountered was a strange seating hostess. A waiter that seemed to have come from the kitchen as an emergency back-up waiter. Food that simply had no wow factor. Finally, Sangria that had no punch in it's fruit juices.

Overall, the experience was okay. But, never again.

This leaves me with a desire to head back over to Winter Park to give Ole Ole a chance. However, I haven't heard too many great things about Ole Ole.

What I HAVE heard good things about, are the kind words being spoken on my behalf to help me secure the new job. While I still haven't received the "offer"...I have high hopes.

Why isn't the phone ringing?
Pins and needles...pins and needles...


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