Monday, November 21, 2005

Why is it hurting?

Ever get so drunk that you injure yourself and don't remember why or how?

I have.

Saturday started out innocent enough. Hanging out with friends, drinking. Good time so far. Then we decided to head over to the Parliament House. During the walk from where we parked the car, William and I got into a fist-fight. Not because we were anrgy with one another, but just for the hell of it. As we punched each other's arms and chests, I was laughing like a fool.

The night became an ever-increasing blur filled with me puking in the ladies' restroom and me asking some gorgeous, shirtless latino boy to become our houseboy. The fun finally came to an end with me and Donna drunkenly giggling around my condo complex at about 6:30am.

Then came Sunday.

I woke up feeling battered and bruised. Quite literally. I have four horrendous bruises on my arms from where William had punched me and pinched me. Every color of the bruise rainbow is now etched on my arms and chest.

But, my leg. Ouch! It's a sharp pain just below my right knee on the outside of the leg. Going up and down stairs is almost impossible.

I don't know if I simply twisted it, hurt a tendon, or did I fracture something?

Should I see a doctor? I don't know. I'm going to try to go another day or two and hope that the pain subsides.

Why did I finish my Oxycodones on Friday instead saving them for the pain of today?


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