Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why are they so divided?

Movie critics.

Love them? Hate them? Believe them? Doubt them?

Even a discussion on movie critics would leave the opinionated completely divided.

Why does the movie critic's opinion even matter? If we think we want to see something, we should go see it, right?

Enter, RENT

As you all know, I've been pining to see this movie ever since I had learned of it's production and had seen the Broadway show in July. So, regardless of what the critics say, I'm going to see this film.

Chances are, I'm even going to like it.

However, the movie critics have either trashed RENT for various reasons (that I'll try to capture below), or hailed it as one of the best, most energetic movie musicals to be made in ages.

Why are they so divided?

Well, I think there are many factors:
  • Some of them simply don't understand the fact that this is a musical. It's a stage show on film. They whine that the characters unnaturally break out into song at ridiculous moments. Citing that people don't do this in "real life". Well, duh! Why is it people accept it on a Broadway stage, but not on film? It's a freakin' movie of a stage show. These critics are dumb asses.
  • Some of them have seen the show on Broadway and hated it, therefore they are predisposed to hate them film, as well.
  • Some of them have seen the show and realize that the movie has captured it "true to it's original version". So, they like it. They get it.
  • Others think this movie and subject matter is dated because it takes place in 1989. Um, hello? It's a period piece. Just as 'Finding Neverland' takes place in the early 1900's, this film takes place in 1989. Why is this an issue? Put your 1989 hat on and enjoy it for all of it's late 1980's glory!

I really could go on and on. But, I won't. What I will say is that the love/hate relationship with Jonathan Larson's brilliant work occurred even amongst the theater community. I'm talking Broadway, not Hollywood.

So in the truest RENT tradition, critics will either love it or hate it.

One thing is certain to me...while the work isn't polished perfection, it's remarkably passionate and filled with beautiful melodies and lyrics. The performers are so close to the source material that their performance WILL suck you in and you will all be touched, just as I was when I saw the show at the Nederlander in NYC.

I will be there. I'm so glad that there is 'No Day But Today'. I'm so glad that I'll be fired up with excitemnt at 7:45pm tonight, when that first chord of 'Seasons of Love' kicks off the film.

Why, those little RENTheads in the theater better not ruin the movie for me by mooing or cheering over key moments. I might be asking myself...

...why didn't I just wait for this on DVD?


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