Monday, October 24, 2005

Why yes,'s an update!

Saturday, I got the itch to get out of town.

My good friend, William agreed to go with me (since Beny had to work).

William and I piled into his car and headed for St. Augustine. Always relaxing and always beautiful, we had a wonderful time. Of course, I had my yummy Shrimp Po'Boy at the Florida Cracker Cafe. Yummsies.

About 6:3pm, we decided to head to Jacksonville. Too close not to go, ya know?

We arrived in Jacksonville, where I always have a horrible time trying to locate my favorite little hole in the wall bar, Club 3D.

We did finally stumble upon another gay bar, 616 (after 90 minutes of driving around). Once we pounded down two Long Island Iced Teas and grabbed the Contax Guide (our weekly gay rag with maps and ads for anything and everything homo), we got back into the car and headed to another club, Metro.

I had been to Metro once before, but was in such a state that I really only remember the parking lot.

At Metro, more Iced Teas and the non-Metro (nor-Cosmo) drag show began.


Two of the performers where as rural ghetto as I had expected. However, two of the fine ebony queens were way too good for Jacksonville and I enjoyed them a bunch.

I had turned off my cell to conserve battery power. Since I had spoken with Beny prior to arriving at Metro, I assumed all was a-okay.


During the evening, William and I got completely hammered. Beny had been calling. Sometime around 2:30am, I called him. Lecture time.

"Why did you turn your phone off?"

Leaving Metro, William was passed out in the car. I was weaving and thankfully not heaving. We pulled of at some exit from I-95, drove-thru Whataburger, and plopped down $62 for a shitty room at Super 8 hotel.

I called Beny. Totally pissed off at me. Hung up on me.

Three voicemails from him:
  • (3:20am) If you are drunk, you should get a hotel room just to be safe.
  • (3:21am) You fucker...I know what you are up to...mother fucker
  • (3:23am) I'm leaving you. I'll be gone when you get home.

I called him. It was brief. He stated that he was pissed at me and accused me of going to a bathhouse in Jacksonville...while that was a great idea, I didn't do it.

Arrived back in Orlando yesterday around 1:30pm. Beny had already left for work.

It felt good to be home, but my house is not really a home when Beny's not around. It's even worse when he's mad at me.

I was in bed by 9:30pm last night (because I had to be at work at 7am due to Hurricane Wilma). Beny got home at 10:30pm and made a bunch of noise but never greeted me at all. He slept in the guest bedroom.

I left this morning at 6:10am. Still haven't spoken with Beny. I did write him a little note and left it on the counter. By the time I get home today, he'll be gone to work again.

I'm rather thankful...because I'm so afraid to talk to him.

Drama is rearing it's ugly head. I just pray that the time apart will allow him to cool down.

Why, only time will tell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friend, I live in Jacksonville, and I'd ask you kindly to not drive around in my neighborhood drunk like you apparently did the other night when you left Metro. I'm not a club-goer so much - I really don't see what the fun is of driving around drunk and paying for $7 drinks all night - so I can't really understand why it was worth pissing off Berry and endangering the lives of the rest of us on the road that night. But if getting wasted is fun for you, at least don't do it in a moving vehicle in the city I live in. Berry may be pissed off at you, but that doesn't hold a candle to the trouble you'll be in if you hit a tree or - worse - a family driving down the road next to you.

4:44 PM


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