Friday, October 28, 2005

Why wouldn't I shut up?

I had a "second" interview for a position with a portion of my company that I have always had a tremendous amount of respect and interest.

Yesterday was "Round 2" and I was praying that it would go as wonderfully as "Round 1" did.

This was to be a panel interview with three people that I've never met before.

We clustered around a small round table. As I kept trying to keep my hands from sweating and trembling, I smiled and feigned my "delight" at meeting each of these characters. The rapid-fire questioning began and so did my mouth...digging holes the size of Pam Anderson's vagina and leaving gaps in my responses the size of the one on Lauren Hutton's front teeth.

I talked and talked and tried to stay "on topic", but with such generic questions, there was too much room for me to meander.

The dead silence after each response certainly did not help, either.

In "Round 1", the interview was warm and cordial. There was chatty and witty banter that made me feel like I could really shine.

"Round 2" was a poker table full of poker faces.

The question that really killed me is: "Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years?"

This question used to be so easy for me five to ten years ago, but now that the company I work for has so wonderfully crushed all of those hopes and dreams, I have Nahtaklu as to what I want to do with my life.

The honest answer should've been about how I see myself as a lottery winner and living happily in my homes in NYC, South Beach, Orlando, and Las Vegas and tavelling the globe sight-seeing until I can't see any more sights.

But, I'm sure they intended for my response to be "career-oriented". With that, I drew a What career? I'm simply existing to pay my bills.

So, I waxed on and waxed off endlessly about my original goals and how my experiences were priming me for a position that I wasn't sure I really wanted any longer. (Not the position I was interviewing for, mind you, but the position I used to think I would be doing by this point in my life.)

I ended up telling them that currently, I had no career path...I'm sort of a drifter at the moment. Did that just come out of my mouth? Shit!

Now who would want to hire a drifter? I certainly wouldn't.

Why the hell did I say that?????????


Anonymous The Peach said...

Why DID you say THAT? Because honey...being subservient to mice only lands you in a nice big mouse trap. Don't fret, I'm sure you will pull out of this and now you have learned. And we know that always makes Madonna better...let's apply it to ourselves, it must work.

4:43 PM


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