Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why? What's the point?

WARNING: Not my usual "fluffy" self today.

My partner, Beny, dealt with some rough news last night from his homeland, Indonesia.

My role as hubby...support him and console him during the challenging blow that he was dealing with...

...here's the story:

For those of you that don't watch the news or keep up with world events, you might not know about this.

A few days ago, there were two suicide bombings that took place at two seperate resorts in the tourist/resort area of Bali, Indonesia. One bomb was detonated at an outdoor beachside restaurant in the Jimaran Resort. The other inside a restaurant at the Kuta Resort.

Naturally, these bombs were part of a planned attack by moronic Islamic extremists. The attacks were designed to kill the many Australian, New Zeland, and Eurpoean tourists that frequent this resort area.

These bombings come on the third anniversary of the huge bombing that killed approximately 200 people in a crowded nightclub in Bali.

So, that's the news.

Why was Beny so upset? The news got worse...on a personal level.

Sunday evening was one of Beny's sister's birthday. Beny called her over and over throughout the day to wish her a "Happy Birthday". When she wouldn't answer her cell phone, Beny was pretty confused and concerned.

So, he called his Mother, who also did not answer her cell phone. Sensing something was "wrong", he didn't know what to do.

He kept calling and calling, until it was too late in the evening and he had to go to bed.

Last night, he resumed his phone calls to his sister.

Last night, she answered the phone. However, she couldn't hear him.

To celebrate her birthday, Beny's sister and her husband and kids (ages 4 and 7) decided to take a "getaway" vacation away from their hometown in Surabaya.

Their destination? You guessed it...Bali.

Where were they around 8pm for dinner when one of those assholes decided to blow themselves up in the name of Allah? You guessed it, again...the restaurant at the Kuta Resort.

Here is an innocent family of four having a birthday dinner in a beautiful resort town, suddenly engulfed in chaos as a selfish idiot mother fucker decides to stroll FOUR METERS from their table and blow his dumb shit self into pieces so he can get to heaven as a Martyr.

The news was devastating.

But, like I said...Beny's sister answered the phone. Unfortunately, she kept screaming, "I can't hear you!" and one of Beny's other sisters did most of the communicating as she sat beside their injured sibling.

The "birthday girl" is in the hospital with severely damaged hearing. She's alive.

The husband had four pieces of metal/shrapnel embedded in his skin. Three were removed. One, still deep in his stomach/side. His hearing is also severely damaged. He's alive.

The children. Also alive.

Thankfully, Mister "I'll get 88 Virgins and then wish I had a whore in heaven" wasn't succesful in taking these lives. However, he was successful in killing and injuring many others.

The doctors say that Beny's family members SHOULD regain most of their hearing in about three months.

So that's the story.

Why do we live in such a world?


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