Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why, time does heal wounds...

As I suspected, Beny has finally cooled off. Once he arrived home last night, all was fine. Stubborn Gayasians.

Why he's a poet AND he knows it!

There's this dude that was highlighted on my company's intranet portal that really caught my eye. His photo was minimalist and sexy. Then, once I read the profile that was posted...well, this dude's background was so interesting. I mean, any guy that specialized in "Feminist Theory" in college...interesting, right?

Then, there was the "vibe" issue. I was getting a gay "vibe". I didn't even know this guy, but I sensed that something was up with him. I needed to find out more.

Later in the profile, it was mentioned that he also had a blog that contained some of his poetry. Well, I just HAD to find out more about that, too. I also wanted to follow the breadcrumbs to discover more about this enigma.

I emailed him, complimenting him on the interesting PR piece and he was nice enough to respond. Since then, I've discovered much more:

The official title of his blog:
Misfires & Whatnot: The Life & Times of a Hot-House Flower
The ever-continuing account of a "man out of time"......mostly just pure craziness. Handle it.

Here's the link: http://misfires.blogspot.com

Go there and read his introspective, warm-hearted, sensual and sassy poetry.

While there, be sure to click the links and discover his sister-site that details some odd things, such as his unsolicited dreams about Jake Gyllenhaal that ends up as Katie Holmes.

This boy's a creative energy force...the world can use a few more like him.

I also feel lucky to call him a cherished friend...while we've never even met except via emails and chat.

So strange, huh? I know!

Why you, too, must discover Mr. Alarid.


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