Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why is it so promising?

My new favorite show is on tonight.

Commander in Chief.

Geena Davis has done a wonderful job playing an amazingly strong, human, compassionate, and genuine "President of the United States".

If only life imitated art...for realsies.

We could use someone like her character, Mackenzie Allen, in the White House, like yesterday.

Just like President Allen, ABC is surprising people with their most recent change to this show. While the show is already a success with television audiences and critics, ABC has decided to bring in Steven Bochco as one of the show's producers. Steven Bochco is responsible for 'NYPD Blue' and some other shows.

Why mess with success?

Hopefully, the show will keep running on it's same intricately crafted cylinders...

...along with my other favorite new show...


This show is odd in a 'Lost' way, but not as over the top when it comes to plopping oddities in the viewer's lap. I mean, polar bears in the jungle?

I'm lost.

I gave up on that particular show about five or six episodes into the first season...long before they discovered the metal hatch.

Invasion on the other hand is slightly predictable, but has some interesting characters that are intertwined in conspiracy and life-changing alien posession.

What surprises me most about this show is that one of the producers and writers is Shaun Cassidy. The Hardy Boy has made it into the big leagues.

Of course, if I had written and created such a show, I'm sure it never would see the light of day. But, if I was a teen heart-throb in the 1970's like Shaun Cassidy...well, I guess my project would get a green light.

Ain't Hollywood funny?

Anyway...if you haven't checked out these two new shows, please do. They are showing promise.

Now then...

...why is Desperate Housewives sucking this season?


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