Friday, September 09, 2005

Why monorail?

Last weekend I had a fantastic time hanging out with my life-long best friend, Donna. We met at Downtown Disney late in the day out behind the House of Blues.

We popped inside for a Long Island and went back outside to the fun bouncy metal chairs along Lake Buena Vista.

Soaking in the witty banter and the relaxing view of Saratoga Springs, along with slurping on the Long Island....well, I was tremendously relaxed and happy.

The happiness continued as we drove up to 'the Wedding Pavilion' and walked along the shore of the Seaven Seas Lagoon over to the Polynesian Resort -- home to the 'Lapu Lapu' -- a luscious drink for lushes served in a hollowed out pineapple. Completely yummy.

Happily bouncing our way over to the monorail, we headed to the Contemporary Resort, which isn't all that "contemporary", but I hear that Disney is working on that with a current refurbishment.

We bellied up to the bar at the "Outer Rim" lounge. It's a name that I am sure was coined to invoke some sort of Saturn/Space/Contemporary feel, but to me always provides a chuckle as I think of the nastiest of sex acts.

'Deeg' the coolest "older" lady bartender that always remembers me everytime I visit and took great care of me and Donna with some excellent conversation and excellent drinks. (We won't mention the omissions from the bill -- whoops!)

We boarded the monorail for the return trip back to the Polynesian, where we went out by th quiet pool and chit-chatted some more. Watching the Brazilian boys in their late-teens and minimal bathing suits in the pool -- a delightful bonus.

The next evening, Donna dropped by my house and told me how wonderful the night was on our monorail ride/drinkfest. She described as "therapuetic". I couldn't agree more.

There is nothing better than spending time enjoying the company of one of your cherished friends. They help you work through your issues, inspire you to follow your dreams, and keep you laughing.

I'm hoping that this weekend, Donna finds time to either do a re-run of last weekend, or something completely different. Regardless of what happens, I am so happy and blessed to have her in my life. She's been there through all of my horrible relationships, parental unit worries, financial woes, and more.

Why can't all "friends" be like that?


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