Friday, September 02, 2005

Why chaos?

Nobody can explain WHY things have turned so ugly as a result of Hurricane Katrina. The aftermath of this storm is now ripping at the moral fiber of our country (if it still exists).

Our "President" is still wearing his damn smirk and spouting John Wayne quotes for the press...meanwhile he (and his buddies) are smirking all the way to the bank as the entire country shells out more for their oil companies.

Meanwhile, back in N'Awlins...people are dying and just as the Mayor of the Crescent City and the Govenor of Louisiana have said...the Feds are sitting on their asses and aren't doing enough FAST ENOUGH.

The race card has been issued. I'll never buy this argument. Believe me. I care about these people the same as I did for the Asians in the Tsunami. These are PEOPLE and they are living in HELL.

Some of them are looting. Well, according to the press, the 'black ones' are looting, the 'white ones' are finding supplies for survival. IS chaos.

Luckily, for my family...all my family members in New Orleans metro have been found safe and alive. Their homes -- moderately damaged, but still standing and flood-free. I thank God for this.

For a dead-on reaction to everything that is occurring, please visit Linda Sharp's blog, and see WHY she is one of the most thoughtful and insightful people around.

You'll see why...


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