Friday, September 23, 2005

Why am I young again?

It's a fact.

I'm passing my prime with the all of the typical tell-tale signs.

The gut is getting bigger. The "Secretarial Spread" has reached my posterior. My mind is already 34! My friends are dwindling, as our interests/maturity levels are skewing.

It's an interesting time.

However, I've been surprised by something the past week. I've actually made a new friend. She's breathing laughter and energy back into my life.

Her name is Jeanny. (She's actually my boyfriend's best friend of ten years.)

She's sweet, funny, and very compatible with my personality. She even commented to me yesterday that she thinks it's crazy that she's getting along better with me than she is with Beny.

What has been a joy for me, is that I'm able to try to show off Orlando and the things that make me satisfied living in O-town. She's enjoying it.

In the next few weeks I plan to take her to go on the "trippy" old-people 'Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour' and to the gorgeous 'Bok Tower and Gardens'.

However, this weekend I get to pop her "Disney Cherry". This girl has never been inside of a Disney theme park -- or ANY theme park for that matter. I'm going to get to witness a "first-timer" and I know that it will make me feel young again.

Life is good.

Why, I might just take her to Universal Studios, too.


Anonymous Brian said...

God help her should she travel to Universal with you. Jenny, honey, prepare yourself. Maybe you should condition yourself with a great vibrator me honey, it could get you used to the roughness of most of Universal's attractions.

As for you, Mr. Haynes, work on that office spread. You'll feel a heck of a lot better!

Love ya!
The Peach

2:45 AM


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