Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Why Twister?

Put your left hand on a 'green circle' (wink, Lindy) and your right foot on blue.

If you've been following along in your Playbill, you'll know that I've been suffering a melodramatic second act recently in my personal life.

(For those of you that are sick of hearing about it, scroll down with that little wheelie-thingy on your mouse until you see the jumbo TWISTER below.)

I'll spare all of the tedious details...except for those that really need -- or will care -- to know WHY?

Hi! Cliff Notes here, giving you the most brief wrap-up to the Lifetime Movie that is tripaway2day:

  • Still not 100% certain, but it appears that evil twin Franky was plotting and lying to destroy my relationship with Beny. Why? I guess I will never know.
  • Beny...while he certainly was cheating...has been forgiven. (At least 63% forgiven)
  • Evil twin Franky has moved out and denied ever telling me any of the alleged "lies" when he confronted on speakerphone.
  • Beny's packed suitcase and belongings were still sitting on the bedroom floor this morning.
  • Saw the greenlitlady ( at the Savoy the night that led up to the final resolution of this drama. He looks completely suave. At least I think he did...I was blitzed.

Hopefully, things have been resolved. Hope can mean nothing, however, when faith has been lessened.

The REAL topic of discussion for this posting was to be...


I'm talkin' the ride at Universal Orlando.

(Or the ride that isn't really a ride, but challenges the theme park visitor to "Ride it Out".)

I know I fooled you all earlier in this entry with the talk of the Twister game we all played growing up (and some of us still play when schnockered on Long Islands)...that was nothing more than a gratuitous plug.

A little history here:

  • Twister "Ride it Out" is a spectacualr set-piece of special effects and pyrotechnics at Universal Orlando.
  • Set to open in the late 1990's to replace the stale Ghostbusters show, Twister "Ride it Out" had a delayed (for sensitivity) opening due to three devastating tornadoes that ripped through Central Florida a few weeks prior to the Grand Opening of this attraction.
  • The attraction also boasts the world's only five-story tall indoor whilwind of tornadic activity.
  • Oh...and there's a flying cow on strings, too.

The attraction (based on the movie) quickly became one of my favorite experiences in Orlando.

Can't put my finger on it.

Don't know why.

I am simply fascinated by it. Almost as fascinated as I was by the Dolphin Dicks at Sea World (that one was for you, Will).

My poor ex-friend Sonya used to get me completely high on weed at her house and I'd make us pile in the car on a quick marathon sprint (thank God for moving sidewalks) to Twister. I love being overloaded on weed and watching all of the destruction unfold in front of my eyes. It was quite literally a "whoa!" moment for me.

The food at the Monster's Cafe across the street was almost as amazing.

So, here we are...a new age of theme parks and attractions. Does this Twister still hold up for me? Would it be as fun sober? Would it be as fun after drinking a Pina Colada with 151?

I did some testing on my own last Saturday and I can still give a resounding continued endorsement for this attraction. It's one of the most unique attraction experiences around.

Bill Paxton's hilariously horrendous delivery in the preshow was a solid hoot once I was drunk.

So...I enjoyed the attraction so much again, that I decided to go online and purchase the movie on DVD. Why? Well, probably because as much as I like the attraction, it will be leaving us soon to that attraction heaven in the sky. I needed to keep Twister alive in my soul forever. (Note: I don't have any concrete info or rumors to back up the statement that the attraction is closing -- it was my gut instinct that kept telling me so.)

NBC bought Universal...they added Fear Factor Live! The bastardization of quality creative attractions has begun.

Hopefully, my dear sweet Twister can "Ride it Out" a few more years. Heck, even the devastating hurricanes didn't remove this attraction "due to sensitivty".

Why does "ER: Live!" sound like a contender?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Why 'Rocky Road'?

I've always been a big fan of 'Cheesecake' Ice Cream. Lately, however, I've been sampling a heaping pile of 'Rocky Road'.

My relationship with Beny has been in a really 'bad place' for the past few weeks.

Beny has been utilizing his 'Creamery' to turn my heart into 'Cold Stone'. Or perhaps it's his sneaking and cheating that has morphed his little plastic heart into one of 'Cold Stone'.

Whatever the case, I've recieved some info that he's been unfaitful on a regular basis.

The 'Rocky Road' got even rockier yesterday, as he decided to book us into the Ritz-Carlton Spa for a Ruby Red Grapefruit massage treatment. This was to be his nice little surprise for me, but was a blantent attempt to mask the guilt and infidelity he thought I knew nothing about.

I enjoyed the spa experience, but please don't tell him, k?

It was the 'after party' that sucked. Licking my pride off of the waffle cone, I let on to him that I had been worried about his recent exploits...without him knowing that I knew there were many more than he had ever shared with me.

Basically, I laid down "the law". I demanded that he stop his current path or that he will take the relationship down the 'Rocky Road' with a 'no outlet' sign.

I also told him that if he continued to do what he is doing, then I will be forced to play the 'lets see who can cheat on the other most' game...and that the relationship will surely be non-existent.

I urged him to consider his actions and the fact that I have lost respect in him and that he needs to re-earn my respect.

It's when he blames his behavior on MY behavior during the first TWO WEEKS of our FOUR YEAR relationship that I balked at him...

..."That's a flimsy and pathetic excuse that I no longer accept as viable. I have already pleaded for your forgiveness for my actions during that time, and you have supposedly forgiven me. If that's the case, you can't use that as an argument anymore. Dismissed."

Then I alerted him that his actions are recent and that they neglect the emotional investment that we have shared for four years. This is where I have the upper-hand.

I told him that I wasn't sure if I could forgive him. I also told him that if he keeps up his current "covert activites"...well, he better simply be careful. I don't know what my reaction would be if I discover more of this crap, but if I do, I'm going to turn on my most brutal attacks.

Retaliation can feel good. In situations like this, it feels horrible.

I only pray that he really thinks about what his actions are doing to the relationship. I also pray that his stone cold heart warms up to the fact that I love him. It's up to him at this point to make the change.

I've been "used" by too many of my ex's for comfort, security, etc. to allow another to use me again.

I've told him this from the beginning of our relationship. If he wants to use an action from the beginning of our relationship to justify his lack of ability to control his cock and hole...then, I will remind him of the fact that I told him from the beginning that I will not allow anyone to 'use' me ever agian.

He will be the one who will feel used. Especially when he realizes what he is throwing away.

Why do I trust anyone?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Why am I "overloaded"?

Brief update:

Things are fine with my friendship between me and Franky.

Beny and I are doing okay, but haven't seen very much of each other recently due to our schedules.

Had a wild night at my good friend Donna's semi-formal office party...didn't arrive home until 4:30pm. Very odd and fun evening, ending by the pool at the Wyndham Palace Resort & Spa.

Work is a complete nightmare right now. I guess there are too many deliverables coming up on the Senior Leadership team. I am being tasked with documenting all projects and creating a timeline to show how everything is hitting and overlapping all at the same time.

Needless to say, I'm in Excel Spreadsheet hell.

Why did I upgrade to XP?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why am I such a jerk?

Well, I never really thought I was a jerk. My boyfriend thinks otherwise and confirmed it last night when he told me to my face that I am "such an asshole and a jerk". I wasn't sure why he was telling me this. I couldn't recall being an asshole or a jerk.

Here's the whole story, leading up to my jerky assholiness:

Apparently, last Sunday, I was having a great day getting wasted with my best friend, Donna. We...well, what did we do? It's a blur.

Oh yeah, I remember...

...We were hanging out at the house, drinking, watching the replay of the Space Shuttle launch (in HD) with the volume down, and listening to my Shirley Bassey Remix know, Moonraker, Diamonds Are Forever, etc.

Good stuff.

We were having a great time until we got a "craving" for some food. We had to get out of the house and do so promptly. (It's amazing how quickly moods can shift when blitzed.)

We pile into the cool driving machine -- the 1996 Gold Staurn SL2 with the hurricane damage -- and start barreling down the GreenWay towards Disney.

Not knowing where to eat, I had a brilliant idea! Earl of Sandwich!

If you've never had one of these delicious sandwiches at Downtown Disney's Marketplace...go...go now!

Donna and I both landed on "the Frenchy". It's yummy ham with creamy brie and some dijonaise-type sauce. Piled on ciabatta bread. Heaven. Pair that with some Miss Vickie's Salt-and-Vinegar Potato Chips and a mini bottle of red wine. My taste buds were exploding. We finished the meal with a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Holy shit...that thing was incredible.

Hmmm...almost sounds like we had the "munchies", doesn't it?

After the meal of a lifetime (Thanks, Earl!), we piled back in the HurricaneCharlieMobile and tootled down to the bar at Planet Hollywood.

Mistake. Furiously downing our Long Islands to get out of that "downer", we were back on the road and heading for the quick trip to the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel.

$7 to self park!? Screw that!

We parked at Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf and hoofed it over to the Dolphin.

Sitting down at the ultra-hip Todd English's Bluezoo, we were ready to continue this day of giddiness. I ordered us an 'Incredible Hulk'. It's the blue Hypnotiq with Hennessey. That green monster kicked our butts. The $25 bill for the two drinks almost enraged me to clothes-ripping proportions. Thanks, Mr. English...we're sure to be back. *Cough*

Then we danced and drove (love my BPM on xm) back to the condo.

The Indonesians were home. That would be Beny (my boyfriend) and Franky (my torturer). I think we were all having fun. It's more of a blur. I do remember drinking red Sangria with little chunks of diced apple. I do remember Beny going to bed early. I also recall sitting outside and drunkenly talking with Franky.

I didn't remember being a jerk. Apparently, I was.

Apparently, I always become a jerk when I get too drunk.

I seem to mouth off like a loose cannon, "shooting salad" all over the place.

It's a Dirty Shame.

Naturally, I don't remember telling Franky that he should be grateful for living rent-free in my condo. A comment that I myself don't even agree with! I chose to open my home to him and I want for him to be able to rebuild his life. I want to be a part of that. Why? Because he is a rare gem and a genuinely compassionate person and deserves it. I really care about Franky. Friends like him are hard to find.

With my sharp tongue, I have ruined the friendship...I think.

Franky thinks I'm a jerk. Beny thinks I'm a jerk. I guess I am a jerk.

What I know for certain, is that I want Franky to continue living with me and Beny. But, I've removed the "comfort-level" that he shared by living with us. I made him feel like shit by yanking the rug out from under his feet. Beny has told me that Franky is now shopping for apartments. Something Franky should not need to do.

I feel horrible about this...especially because I didn't mean it.

There were many factors contributing to my foolish dialogue. I'm deeply concerned that I have lost a dear friend. Someone that I had hoped to have around for a long time.

Why can't I just get drunk and have fun without ruining it for everyone?

Why can't I just bite my tongue? Ouch.

Why am I such a jerk?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Why the Wonderful World of Will?

He's one of my ex's.

He's one of my all-time best memories.

He brought me so much happiness and so much sadness.

He's Will.

He used to be "Wil" with one "l", but he's opened his "world" up to the rest of us.

Enter the blog of the ex-boyfriend that I still love in some strange way deep down in my heart.

Enter the blog of the guy who disappeared from my life for ten years, only for me to reunite with him (via computer and telephone) for the past few months.

Enter the blog of this amazing guy in Portland.

WHY don't I just provide the link?