Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why am I "high"?

Recreational substances can be fun.

Don't argue with me -- just go with me. I've had a great time being "high" in the past.

Luckily, my NEW "high" has been defined. "High definition", I guess one could say.

I've been on an LSD "acid trip" for the past three days as I Ooo-and-Ahh over my new high definition television. I've watched everything from a tour of Naples (Italy, not Florida), a "Stormchaser" IMAX film, something about beavers (the animal, not the organ), to even Nascar races and Boxing.

To steal the McDonald's phrase: I'm lovin' it.

This morning I had the opportunity to get ready for work while watching the LIVE Space Shuttle launch preparations in High Definition.

Simply stunning.

(I should have been more proactive and purchased the Digital Video Recorder so I could've watched the actual launch in HD later this evening.)

I did, however, have the opportunity to step outside my office at 10:39am and watch the lift-off with my own stereoscopic eyes. But, it wasn't nearly as high definition as my HDTV.

WHY do I forsee myself forgoing LIVE fireworks displays this New Year's Eve to stay home and watch the festivities around the world on my TV? Well, the answer: because I'm already looking forward to seeing that beautiful shit!

Speaking of beautiful shit...okay, no shit is actually beautiful...just go with me -- again.

This guy, Michael Kelley, has a great blog called, "The Skinny Tie Report". The beautiful shit on his site in the past few days is a magnificent trip down memory lane for me. He tackles the earth-shaping technologies of Colorforms, Shrinky Dinks, and Lite Brite. It's a must see for anyone in their early to mid thirties!

Here's a link: http://www.skinnytie.blogspot.com/

Make sure you see the hilarious and skillfully Photoshopped "City of Orlando" Colorforms set (including Livstrong Bracelets!! Eeeeeek!)

betamike IS my new hero.

Also peachy on the web is the high definition mind of Miss Hill. That's Brian Hill. He's taking jabs on all things Peachy and not-so-Peachy. Find out why he's no peach: http://www.existencemedia.typepad.com/

Finally, the SHARPest in high definition clarity when it comes to observing our fucked-up world, the hilarious and accurate Linda Sharp.

She's an accomplished author, often hailed as the new Erma Bombeck.

Now, I'm not too sure if she actually likes this title, but I'm sure she'd enjoy knowing that my Mom shoved my face into many a Bombeck article clipped and posted on our fridge. Often an article humorously detailing the challenges of cleaning up piss splatters on the toilet or dealing with the stupidity of loving spouses or the joys of raising kids without skinning them alive.

Miss Linda can be read here: http://dontgetmestarted-lindasharp.typepad.com/

The vivid images on my HDTV and the vividly sharp creative friends I have are truly a blessing to me. No longer "in a funk" like I was a week ago, I have realized that I have many things to be happy about. I have clever and caring friends with inspiring blogs, a kick-ass piece of technology in my living room, and certainty that today...

...I'm high on life.

Why, I am fine, thank you.


Anonymous Linda Sharp said...

I have been described as many, many things in this life, but never once as HIGH DEFINITION. I feel absolutely plasma-flat-screen all over. I shall take that compliment and run with it!

2:06 PM

Anonymous Brian said...

Sweetie, you're feeling great about life because you bought something. That's right. You bought something. You replaced your trials and tribulations for a month with a new piece of technology.

What more would you expect from a Peach?

But I am...happy for you. Now tell me...do you own the Sex & The City DVD collection yet?

2:16 PM

Blogger betamike said...

What?! I'm no one's hero! Thanks for the mention Chris! Just imagine how Season 3 of the Golden Girls is going to look on that new TV this October!

4:50 PM

Blogger Zija - drink life in said...

Zija - drink life in

5:16 PM


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