Friday, June 10, 2005

Why Karma?

What comes around, goes around. Right?

After visiting Orlando's newest gay neighborhood bar, named Karma, I am a firm believer in karma.

This place has numerous nuances of one of my original early-90s stomping grounds, named Uncle Walt's.

Uncle Walt's was a "neighborhood" gay bar in the middle of Orlando's International Drive. An area lacking in the neighborhood department, but overflowing in the tourism department.

One of my favorite features of Uncle Walt's (besides the name, which is a wink to Mr. Disney) was the giant piece of grafitti-esque "art" that lowered from vertical to horizontal by motors and chains to become the stage for the drag queens. This mechanism always wow-ed me.

The place had the typical gay neighborhood bar vibe. I always love that. Because getting my "drink on" can be serious business. Why do I need to guzzle Long Islands in a place where self absorbed 20-somethings might spill my Tea? The answer: I don't. That was the appeal of Uncle Walt's, for me anyway. I loved Uncle Walt's for the delight of getting Tea-totaled and laughing it up with those cherished friends.

Uncle Walt's is no more. It's gone to join the real Uncle Walt up in heaven.

But, what comes around, goes around. Right?

Karma is eerily familiar. Despite sitting close to the magnificent Cafe Tu Tu Tango and Don Pablo's and despite the obvious low budget decor, I love the place. I also love the fact that it's on my way home from work.

Karma should prove to be a good thing. I'll be nice to it. Hopefully, it will be nice to me.

Now, if I could get reaquianted with cherished friends from my past...

...then I'd be convinced that the karma is really working.

Luckily, I've been made aware of their blogs and I can read what these two unique guys are up to day-in and day-out. I recommend reading them for yourself.

It's interesting to me that as you "grow-up" and discover yourself in your 20s (and even your 30s), many people cross your path. Some of them make an impact and they don't even know it or appreciate it. Some of them were so close to being "key players", but for some reason or another...they fall short.

Sometimes they simply disappear with no explanation.

I meet people all of the time that I find intelligent, witty, or unique. Acquaintances that I would enjoy attempting to "convert" to friends. However, and without explanation, these acquaintances remain as such.

It always makes me wonder...

...why do we all put up such barriors between us?

Is it karma?

Why do friendships simply dissolve?


Blogger betamike said...

Yeah!!! Chris H! It's been a long time and a galaxy far far on the other end of town!

6:14 PM

Blogger GreenLitLindy said...

I'll bring my light saber if you two bring, wait, that sounded wrong!

I'll get karmatic with both of you...wait that's bad too.

Ah, hell.

Let's get together...yeah, yeah, yeah!

Great post Haynes!


11:15 AM


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