Friday, June 24, 2005

Why am I spreadin' the news?

Because I'm leaving next Thursday...for New York City.

And, why is it that I can never say "New York City" without actually hearing those cowboys from the PACE Picante Sauce commercials? That's some smart advertising!

Anyway, back to me...and well, Beny, too...we're taking our first "real" trip together ever and have decided on New York City (fucking cowboys...STOP IT!) mainly because it's Beny's biggest desire to see NYC (that's better) while he's here in America.

Then, last night, Beny reveals that the big driving factor for him to see NYC isn't to see NYC at all. No, he wants to go to NYC to buy shoes.

You heard me!

So, I'm spending a mountain of change so that he can buy shoes!

It's all good, I haven't been to NYC (God, it's so much better saying NYC) since I was in the seventh or eighth grade. That was a church mission trip. That's right...I used to go on mission trips! So, needless to say, I enjoyed NYC, but didn't have the opportunity to delve into the seediness of NYC.

You can "Betcher bottom dollar..." that I'll be having some real experiences in NYC this time.

Nightclubs, Broadway Shows, Bathhouses, Sex Clubs, and Shoe-Shopping.

Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait. CAN wait.

Hopefully, I have an event-filled trip report to share. Until then, say a prayer fo me, okay? I'm a little nervous about flying on July 4th, but since I'm going AWAY from NYC that day, I should be okay...I hope.

I think it's going to be beautiful flying over the East Coast of the USA on the Fourth of July, viewing fireworks from the air.

This has been a long time comming for me. Thanks to all of you for letting me express my excitement! Of course, if you know who I have to blow to get into see Wicked, please email me. And, if you know who I need to blow to score some blow, email me with that, too. Kidding, of course. (Or am I?)

All of this travel on a shoestring budget makes me wonder:

Why not Vegas?


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