Friday, May 13, 2005

Why jealousy?

I could have given Beny many reasons to get jealous and bitchy with me last Wednesday evening. However, I never saw the actual reason coming.

Here's a story full of past, present, and an uncertain future.

It all started when I snagged some free tickets (for four) to see Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba at Downtown Disney. The goal of the evening was to invite Beny's deliciously evil twin (and my not-so-secret crush), Franky to go see the show with us. It would be his time to pop his La Nouba cherry.

Franky came over and brought a friend of his, named Willie. Nice enough. No interest on my behalf.

I instructed (firmly) for Beny to meet me between 5:30pm-5:45pm in front of Cirque. Seeing as to how I was taking off work 15 minutes early to bust my ass to get there on time, I expected him to be there on time, as well. Especially since he was OFF that day.

He arrived at 5:55pm for the show which started at 6pm. Being anal and wishing to give the best experience for Franky, I quickly ushered the group immediately to their seats and ran back for my double glass of Chardonnay.

In my seat as the lights began to dim...Whew! Made it.

I also made it for a refill just as the concessions were closing (during the clown act with the lame-ass "spider web".)

The La Nouba virgins loved the show (duh) and thanked me for taking them.

We debated as to where to go after the show and due to the light rain sprinkling down, we ended up in the Pineapple Bar at Bongos Cuban Cafe. I treated the crew to Papas Rellenas and Mojitos. I felt great and was having a wonderful time. I think all parties were having a wonderful time.

At one point during the Ceviche and a second Mojito, Beny and Willie went outside to smoke. This was a time when jealousy could have kicked into overdrive, but surprisingly didn't. This was the time when I made ever so smooth conversation with Franky and proved how well he and I get along. There is no doubt that there was some fine flirtation happening from both of us. Always a nice feeling...even when the guilt settles in.

Beny and Willie settled into their barstools to continue with us.

Franky declared that we should go to the gay club, PULSE. And, if Franky wants to go, I'm there.

$90 later (thanks AmEx), we were in our cars heading off to the condo so your's truly could get out of his horrendous office attire. As we climbed back into Beny's new Caddy CTS, Franky took the seat behind me and in a surprise move, started playing with my hand as I was reaching for the the same manner as one would play 'footsies' under a table.

Me likey.

On the way to the club (and five drinks into the evening for me), we had a nice time chit-chatting and getting to know Willie. A nice guy all-in-all.

As we hung out at PULSE, the strippers were doing their thing and we were doing ours. Willie seemed to take a liking to a particular stripper and I took a liking to the curiosity that is the "VIP Room".

Three sheets to the wind, Willie and I snagged the stripper & Beny and headed into the "VIP Room" to see what you can get for money.

The answer...not much. This guy gyrated and dry humped all three of us. I wanted to pleasure myself. Instead, I thrust my hand down Willie's pants.

Jealousy meter...still not registering.

After the brief "show", I asked the stripper if he could show us his tool and he said that he "can't"...and stated that we owed him $40.


Back into the club, I'm on my second Long Island Iced Tea.

That's when all hell broke loose. The jealousy meter started climbing. It was the moment when the emcee of the strippers took her mic in hand and said, "How's ev'buddy doin' 'niiight?"

It was my ex. The club kid, Nazhoni.

I'm all like, "Ew. I want to get out of here." when all of the sudden, I'm face-to-face with Nazhoni (damn wireless mic).

...I was shocked to hear my full first and last name blasted over the sound-sytem of the club. Shit...I've been spotted.

After all the liquor and insanity of my evening, things get hazy for me by this time.

A few words later, Nazhoni tells me that his/her sisters are in town and at the front of the bar. Considering that I spent a lot of time with these Navajo girs, I wanted to go say hello to them.

I follow Nazhoni to his sisters, he says, "Remember Chris?" and leaves me to chat with his sisters.

A few moments Beny walks up and I introduce him to Nazhoni's sisters.

He was pissed. The Jealousy meter exploding.

The ride home was tremendously embarrassing as Beny bitched about how, "it's obvious I still love him/her". I was pissed because that couldn't be farther from the truth. I was also pissed because all I did was chat with his/her sisters.

I could not make sense of the whole thing.

In the back seat of the car sits a silent Willie...welcome to Orlando, Willie...and Franky who occasionally calmed me down by rubbing my shoulders.

Franky was wonderfully sympathetic and I think he noticed that I didn't do anything wrong.

Maybe Beny was just overly drunk, as well...leading him to jump to conclusions and overreact.

All I can ask for the last two days is WHY?

Why did the night go from being so good to so bad?

Why has my relationship done the same?


Blogger Existence said...

Because you're bored. Duh. When I'm bored in a relationship, I will start doing all kinds of evil things just to get rid of him. Then, of course, I'll cry and moan that I am single. Maybe you're not happy? Maybe you have some things you want to do before you get tied down. Who knows. Why do male dogs hump legs? It's just one of those questions that there is no answer to, only action.

1:56 PM

Blogger TripAway2Day said...

I'm sure boredom might factor into it. But, in this instance, I had no malicious intent. I simply ran accross my ex and wanted to talk with his sisters that I had a history with many years ago. For that, I was punished.

Bottom line is that I was pissed off of what he "perceived" my actions to be.

There were other actions during the evening that should've tripped his jealousy.

Those were the actions that may/may not have been malicious.

Good news is that things are fine, again.

What a difference a weekend getaway can make.

4:53 PM


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