Friday, March 18, 2005

Why neglect? (Chapter 2)

Well, there's no real excuse...I'm just lazy. So, "sorry" to those who might be checking in to see what I've been up to lately.

Alas, I'm back today with a new blog update as to what, where, and why...

I've had a pretty lackluster week. Three nights in a row this week, Beny and I went to BJ's Wholesale Club because there's a HDTV that I want to buy...I'm just having a difficult time coughing up the credit charge when I don't really need this HDTV. It's a want. A very large want. I'm having this feeling that I'll end up purchasing it this Saturday. Well...maybe...

The alcohol prohibition is going mildly well. Last week, I only drank one night of the work week (Tuesday). This week is another story, as I've had at least one (and sometimes two) drinks a night. I've attempted to quit drinking the hard liquor and have replaced that with white wine. My doctor, Dr. Pino James Grigio, says it's fine with him. But, I've found that since I'm not totally shit-faced in the evenings, I end up getting sleepy earlier on...retiring to bed at around an "old-folks" 10:00pm.

While I haven't quit drinking completely, I find that I'm noticing signs of weight loss beginning. I'm also able to wake up and begin my day more easily.

American Idol has me hooked again this year.

As much as I've been enjoying this season's amazing talents of Nadia Turner and Anwar Homo, I'm simply devistated that Mario Vazquez quit the show. He was by-and-far MY American Idol.

I really wanted to make babies with this sexy Latino.

I loved watching his calm and polished demeanor. I also loved his clothes (yes, including the hats!) So he's off the show and now I've had to resort to imagining what kinky things I could do with Anthony Fedorov's trachea scar.

Nadia Turner is the clear winner for me, at this point.

Is it me, or does Paula Abdul look like she's got a mega-prescription for Xanax? Some nights, her eyes are so glazed over that she looks like one of those 'Communion' aliens. Word has it that she's back in the recording studio, too. Why?

Beny's working all weekend, so I'm going to be doing my usual theme park routine. Saturday, I think I'm going to camp out in Epcot by the Imagination restrooms and try to score my first ride on the park's newest offering, Soarin' (opening officially in May.) This means that while I wait, I'm going need to make repeated trips to Mexico for Fiesta Magaritas. (I do allow myself to drink on the weekends.)

Sunday, I'm going to do something I haven't done in a long time...I'm going to ride my Mummy.

Well, the ride at Universal anyway. One of my longest emotional supporters, William James, said that he'd be willing to go to the Universal parks with me. I'm rather looking forward to it. William can be great fun, especially when he's drunk and riding rides. Count on intellectually stimulating conversations and crotch-watching while we wait in line for Men in Black. Pina Coladas with 151 on top make Dueling Dragons a fiesta...especially with sweet William.

I'm also getting an itching to do something perverted this weekend. Look for me to cruise two of my favorite websites: and to see what kind of nastiness is out there.

Why am I such a whore?


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