Friday, February 04, 2005

Why tackiness?

Well...what can I say? I got blitzed on the cheap Chardonnay last night and became a "La Bouba".

I scarcely remember the end of the show and made a complete ass out of myself outside the theater infront of my boyfriend's co-workers and friends.

What a "special" (short-bus-to-school) boyfriend I am. Heck...I would break-up with me. Beny, however, stands by me. I can't believe I found someone as wonderful as he is.

Work is "sucking ass" today. Will I survive until 5:30pm? I suppose. (I just need to keep reminding myself that it's Friday.)

I'm sure I'll be going to Sea World tomorrow...and this time, I'm going to touch one of those elusive damn dolphins!!

Okay kiddies...see you at the Hospitality House at Sea World drinking my 'free samples' of beer.

Why beer school?


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