Monday, February 07, 2005

Why Superbowl?

I'm sure it's due to my 'orientation', but I've got zero interest in the NFL Superbowl. I suppose I could sit through it for the commercials, but wouldn't they be replaying the most popular commercials ad-nauseum for the weeks following the big game? I'm sure they will.

Instead of watching the Superbowl, I chose to watch the movie 'Troy'. Rather than give a big movie review, I'll just say that I thought it was good. Not earth-shattering, but good.

Before I hit 'play' on the DVD, I watched 30 minutes of that other bowl game: 'The Puppy Bowl' on Animal Planet. This was where the real bowl fun was on Super Sunday! The geniuses at Animal Planet constructed a mini-astroturf stadium and threw about eight dogs into it and let them cavort around. Virtually unedited, it was a thrill to watch these puppies play. I tried to get my dog, Chopstick, to watch it. Alas, Chopstick seemed more interested in his Nylabone.

Yesterday was the Mount Dora Art Festival. Beny and I thought that it would be a great day out with the dog. After the 45 minute trek from Hunter's Creek to Mount Dora, we were ready to see what 'fine art' was available.

Wait a minute here...a cop on every corner? Why the 'lock-down'? Was a criminal on the loose? Nope.

As it turns out, pets are not allowed at the Mount Dora Art Festival. The city banned dogs for the last two years due to some stupid woman fiiling a complaint with the city because she tripped over a dog at the festival and broke her hip. That bitch rained on my parade.

A long drive for nothing.

Change of plans: we head to Winter Park. Wanting to eat at Dexter's, I was getting famished. Well, Dexter's in Winter Park does NOT have patio seating. With our dog in-tow, we (Beny and I) had to come up with another option.

The alternate Dexter's in Thorton Park has patio seating...but, on the way there we decided to go to 'the Globe' (which is always an adventure due to this restaurant's proximity to "bum-central": Heritage Park.)

Guess what? Orlando passed an ordinance that pets are no longer allowed in restaurants! Even restaurants with outdoor patio dining!

Okay...we wasted the whole day and I was getting pissed off.

Not because of all of the 'challenges', (as anyone knows, I'm an a Aquarius and simply enjoy the adventure regardless of the 'challenges') but because Beny was letting his short temper take over. Trying to calm him down can take every ounce of my being.

After dropping the dog off at the condo, we ended up at Longhorn Steakhouse. May I recommend the Big Bleu Filet...outstanding! Also, let me warn you...too many Desert Pear Margartias and your bill will climb above the $75 mark.

So, that was my Super Sunday and it wasn't that super.

Saturday was great. Did the Sea World-thing with my dear friend, Donna. We managered to 'score' six complimentary beers each at the Hospitality House. We were in our usual giddy form. The highlight ended up being my discovery of Donna's deep-rooted love for Jack Hanna the animal guy. Turns out, he was there doing a meet-n-greet and Donna was thrilled that I had my digital camera in-hand. Donna scored an autographed photo of Jack Hanna.

She also swears to me that Jack Hanna felt her ass.

Maybe Jack was at the Hospitality House earlier in the day?

Well, like I said before, Saturday at Sea World was great fun. Of course, the elusive damn dolphins still saw me coming and wouldn't let me touch them.

The stingrays were more accommodating.

That's the weekend report. Summed up best as: Why ordinances?


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