Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Why neglect?

It's official...I've hit the blog-wall.

I thought for sure that I'd be able to 'keep on blogging for Jesus' on a daily basis. Alas, my life is so mundane that I ran out of clever 'tripaway2day-isms'.

So, if you all feel neglected...I apologize.

Reading the rules of blogging, I've learned that it's a requirement for me to apologize over and over for not updating my enteries on a timely basis. So, I'm so completely sorry about it that I could just kill some people at SuperTarget. Would that make all of you feel better? A little sacrifice for my prized readers?

Not going to'll have to come up with something more newsworthy and less violent than that.

So what have I been up to recently? Well, I skipped out of work on Monday because my friend Donna was ill. That was good. (Bad for her. Good for me.)

I ended up at Sea World late in the day and managed to squander a few free beers out of the Hospitality House. Later on, I watched Shamu 'Rock America'. The odd twist was that the crowd was mostly from the UK. I think they should seriously consider re-themeing that show. Some great Vocal House Diva Dance Music would make the show more inspiring for me. Listening to Shamu 'Rock the UK' by playing the Village People's YMCA...*cough*...I'll be in Key West attempting to molest an elusive dolphin.

Today, I'm on auto-pilot. I'm flying under the 'work-radar' and hoping I can coast into a 6pm landing at my pad with a Diet Sierra Mist and Raspberry Smirnoff.

I've got a wild idea to take my Indonesian boyfriend to Kennedy Space Center this weekend. Will he care about the NASA and the Space Program? I guess we'll all find out. Luckily, I'm the child of a NASA Chief and I should be able to bring him up to speed on the amazing contributions our Space Program has done for modern society.


I have to confess, I'm taking Beny there for my own selfish reasons. You see, I don't ever want to be an A-dult. Why the hell do you think I spend all of my free time in theme parks? I'm keeping a tight hold on my childhood. Kennedy Space Center was a place I visited at least once a year growing up (since I lived on the SpaceCoast of Florida). It's been at least three years since I've visited Kennedy Space Center, so it's high time I got my fanny over there and recaptured some of my childhood.

Beny's coming along for the ride.

I suppose I will be the 'good son' and drop in on the 'Parental Units' while I'm over on the SpaceCoast. I also suppose that I might just be dropping in on Mom and Dad just to use their TurboTax to file for my income tax return. I suppose even more that I'm a manipulative and sneaky 'bad son'.

Fly me to the moon...sometimes I feel like I don't belong here.

Why Lunar Rovers? (Moon dogs?)


Anonymous Forever Pisces said...

You kill me. It's great to see that ten years later you still have that same sense of humor. It's also nice to see that you still operate with that same 'hidden' agenda. Again with the hilarity.

11:52 AM


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