Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why Jury Duty?

So...I'm writing from the Orange County Courthouse. No, I haven't done anything wrong...I've been selected for the dreaded Jury Duty.

As the lovely lady briefed us at the beginning of the day, we're here to make lemonade. What the fuck? Lemonade? I'm here for Jury Duty. She was trying to make us all little happy campers and was trying to be funny. I wasn't amused. I wanted to smoke.

The process is interesting and actually pretty well run. So far, not a bad experience at all. At least I'm not working.

I haven't had my number called which means that I could be sitting here pining for a smoke for hours and hours. Good news is that they'll let me go by 5pm.

If I get out of here sooner than 5pm, I don't know what I'll do with my day. Most likely, I'll change my clothes and head to Sea World. Today is bound to be dolphin-rific. If they elude me again, I'll drop something in their tank.

Why lemonade?


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