Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Why Cleveland?

Each year, I tend to get into American Idol. Mainly because I'm still trying to figure out how Ryan Seacrest does his hair. I also love the arrogance of Simon Cowell. People hate him, but I adore him. Simon is the real judge on the show. He's the one that selects people based on their 'talent' and their American Idol style potential.

If you want to know who Paula wants to send to Hollywood, just look into her eyes. If she has that 'I want to fuck you so bad' glimmer...

..."Congratulations! You're going to Hollywood!"

Randy's becomming more viable as a judge. In previous years, it seems that if the person auditioning had a chocolate face they would be going to Hollywood, too. This season, he seems to be a wee bit harder to sway. But, his 'catch-phrases' are absurd. " can blow." Huh?

I think Randy's done too much blow.

So last night's episode was a rip-off for Orlando. Orlando only secured about 15 minutes of airtime while the prior 45 minutes were devoted to Cleveland!

Why Cleveland?

And, why is Orlando always portrayed by Hollywood as airboats, swamps, alligators, and theme parks? I'd like to believe that Orlando is on the cusp of being a 'big city'. After all, we have Club Paris...okay...I think I failed to prove my point.

The little blonde boy from last night's show (who said he had something wrong with his trachea as an infant) was a little tasty nugget. Of course, I loved his hair, too. That dude could blow.

Work blows.

By the time American Idol was finished, I was into my fourth glass of Raspberry Smirnoff with Diet Siera Mist. This morning I'm on my third Tylenol Rapid Release. It's not working. Of course, I'm not working either.

Hopefully, I'll make it through today...but, it ain't gerna be easy.

Why hangovers?


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